Kid's clothes week challenge April 2015 (day one)

To be honest, I planned to sew only the skirt for the first day of the challenge. I managed to finish it so fast, that decided to make a complementary cardigan to match with the skirt. I really like this outfit, and my little Lau looooves it.


story of stuff

I just recently watched this clip by a suggestion of another DIY blogger and I have to admit it really hit me hard. It's mind blowing, how much stuff we consume on daily basis and the most shocking part is - people tend to buy for the sake of buying, not out of necessity.  
I really hope that everyone after having watched this clip decides to pay more attention to his choices. 

As to me, I'm trying my best to reuse and recycle as much as I can. Unfortunately, not always it's possible.


kcw fall 2013: day seven

I can't believe it's already the last day of Kid's Clothes Week! It makes me sad a little bit. For the last day of this challenge I have two pieces (two finished pieces, that is. 'Cause I have two unfinished, that didn't get to be photographed).
Quite by a lucky accident, these two make a great outfit. My girl is in a desperate need of basic tops to wear to kindergarten, so I figured this hot ping and grey stripe top would mach many bottoms.
And I tried my hand at drafting a pair of shorts with box pleats (I believe that's how they are called) and cuffs. Again, pretty basic piece but it has such a potential!
 That' s it for today! I hope everyone who took part in this challenge enjoyed it and ended up making a pile (or a couple) of new fancy clothes for their kids. I'm already looking forward to Kid's Clothes spring challenge :)


kcw fall 2013: day six

Ok, we are almost done with kcw fall 2013, as it's already Saturday. I made just one thing and to be honest, I guess I like it the most. It's a simple and delicate light brown cardigan, raglan pattern (surprise, surprise!) with a nice linen lace trim. I still have to find nice buttons for this cutie.

 *     *     *
As a newbie in blogging world, I was so, SOOOO happy to find out that my bubble/balloon skirt was featured in Kid's Clothes week blog! Thank you so much for making my day, Meg!


kcw fall 2013: day five

Today I made bubble skirt for Lau. Pattern is self-drafted and I plan on placing it here next week as a free download. It was my first attempt on making a digital pattern.

Unfortunately, this is another occasion when I just couldn't trick my camera and capture the true colour of the skirt. It's nice and rich teal green and fabric is velvety and elastic. For a  pop of colour I added some (me-made )grey piping to the pockets.


kcw fall 2013: day four

It's day four of Kid's Clothes Week fall edition. And by now we can spot a tendency of me choosing raglan patterns for the tops I make for my kids. There's another one for Lau.
And Kalvis was lucky enough to get one more pair of corduroy pants sewn from Small Fry Skinny Jeans free pattern. Kalvis already has two pairs and now there's the third joining the company. 
Once again I used thrifted pants to turn them into 2 YO boy's pants. But I absolutely love the rich moss green colour, which unfortunately I wasn't able to capture.