kcw fall 2013: day seven

I can't believe it's already the last day of Kid's Clothes Week! It makes me sad a little bit. For the last day of this challenge I have two pieces (two finished pieces, that is. 'Cause I have two unfinished, that didn't get to be photographed).
Quite by a lucky accident, these two make a great outfit. My girl is in a desperate need of basic tops to wear to kindergarten, so I figured this hot ping and grey stripe top would mach many bottoms.
And I tried my hand at drafting a pair of shorts with box pleats (I believe that's how they are called) and cuffs. Again, pretty basic piece but it has such a potential!
 That' s it for today! I hope everyone who took part in this challenge enjoyed it and ended up making a pile (or a couple) of new fancy clothes for their kids. I'm already looking forward to Kid's Clothes spring challenge :)

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